Information regarding the Visalus Company

There are numerous people that are discussing the information regarding the Visalus Company because it has great marketing appeal and very exciting for all of the individuals who want to get involved in the network marketing business. The company has great marketing products that can help you to push your business to success. However, how can we discover if it is a good choice as a business opportunity? In this article you will discover some information regarding the company and the opportunity that it has to offer to the people, including how much it costs to join Visalus.

Visalus Scam

The company was founded in 2005 so we can say that is has a lot of experience in the marketing domain. The main product that Visalus is promoting is called the Body by Vi challenge and it is an 90 day challenge aimed to transform your body and help you to lose weight and build the nice toned muscles you have always dreamed of. This challenge will help you to become a much healthier person and also look as good as possible. There are also four different varieties of kits that you can choose from when taking the 90 day challenge as a distributor.

Visalus Scam

The first option that you can select is the Balance kit, which costs $49. The second one is called the Shape kit and costs $99 dollars. The third option costs $199 and it is named the Core kit and the last one, which is the most expensive one of all, is called the transformation kit and costs $249. However, you must know that there are some costs that you must support if you are looking to become a distributor. The basic distributor of Visalus costs only $49 and the expense of a product kit.

The second option that you could use in order to become a distributor is called the Executive Success System and it costs $499. The last one is called the ESS plus Extra Samples and costs $999 and again you will not have to order any separate kit. Now you must know that there are eight different ways that you can get paid in Visalus. The first way is through direct sales and personal costumer commissions which are practically the most popular. The second one would be to receive a first order bonus for your first sell. More information on the compensation plan can be accessed after signing up for the company.

In order to earn incomes with Visalus you have to be an active distributor by maintaining an auto ship of $125 per month or you have $200 PQV in retail sales monthly. Visalis has knowledgeable leadership and they really know what they are doing because they are at the top in the MLM business. Another great aspect about this company is that is has many financial options for becoming a distributor. There are numerous ways to earn an income and the product to appeal to the general market, so they can be sold very easily.


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